Physics and Measurement
1D Motion
2D Motion
Newton's Laws
Circular Motion
Work and Kinetic Energy
Potential Energy
Linear Momentum and Collisions
Rigid Body Rotation
Rolling Motion and Ang. Momentum
Static Equilibrium
Fluid Mechanics

Mechanical Waves
Oscillatory Motion
Wave Motion
Sound Waves
Superposition and Standing Waves

Heat and the First Law
Entropy and the Second Law

Old WebHW Resources

These on-line homework resources are archived as practice problems. Ignore the due dates, and please note that no grades will be recorded. The chapter titles are from another textbook. Have fun!

How to Use the On-line Content

The Physics 221 website is organized around content areas that correspond to chapter boundaries within your textbook.  You access the content areas by clicking on the menu items to the left.

Within each chapter area, there will be one or more content pages. Each content page will contain a short summary of the target content, along with WebHW problems that relate to the target content.  The summary information contained within a content page is meant to provide an overview to facilitate your efforts to solve the WebHW problems. Your textbook will contain far more details, descriptions, figures and worked examples.  You should always read the corresponding sections within your textbook before referring to the on-line content.

Learning Strategies

The suggested approach for learning the material in each subject area is
  1. Begin by reading the associated chapter in your textbook.  Do this well before the subject is discussed in class.  Watch any Mechanical Universe films contained within the content area.
  2. Jot down any questions you have, and ask them in class.
  3. Now you are ready to begin work on the WebHW problems.  Go to each content page, read the summary information, and then work as many of the WebHW problems as you can.  Keep careful notes in your WebHW Solutions Manual for all problems you attempt.
  4. Most folks will not be able to work every WebHW problem on the first attempt.  Most of the time, this will mean that you have not understood some portion of the reading material.  Go back to your textbook, read the material again that relates to the problem you are trying to solve, re-read the summary material, and try the WebHW problem again.  Remember to update your WebHW solutions manual each time you re-attempt a problem.
  5. Repeat step 4 at least one more time.  Most folks need to read technical material at least three times before it fully sinks in.
  6. If after three attempts you continue to have difficulties, stop by for an office visit.

Do's and Don'ts

  1. Don't spend enormous amounts of time spinning your wheels on any one WebHW problem.  Every single WebHW problem can be worked in just a few minutes if you know what you are doing.
  2. Don't try "shotgun" approaches, or try to guess the answer to avoid working the problem.  If you get the correct answer but don't understand why the answer is correct, stop by for an office visit.  
  3. Do keep a detailed WebHW Solutions Manual.  This will provide your best source of study materials just before a quiz or exam.
  4. Do stop by for an office visit if you are stuck, but be sure to bring your WebHW Solutions Manual with you.  I can usually spot a mistake very quickly by looking at your work.   I absolutely will not work a problem for you unless I can see what you have already done
  5. Do stop by for an office visit if you just can't get started on a problem.  In this case, I will get you oriented so you can solve the problem on your own.