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Welcome to Physics 222

On-line homework for this course is available at http://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/class/cls176510/ . Click the Register button, an follow the instructions. If you purchased WileyPlus for Physics 221, you will not have to pay again for Physics 222; just proceed with the Registration process and WileyPlus will remember you. If you do not have a Registration Code from a previous semester, then you have the following options:

  1. Purchase a new textbook from the UNCA Bookstore (see syllabus); a Registration Code comes bundled with the textbook. You may be able to purchase a new textbook from another vendor that includes a WileyPlus Registration Code, but inquire carefully before purchasing.
  2. Purchase a used textbook, and pay for WileyPlus seperately.
  3. Purchase WileyPlus and use the digital version of the textbook (included).

Think carefully before deciding to rely on the digital version of the textbook. This is a less expensive option, but most folks find it easier to read from a printed textbook.


How to Make a Good Grade in Physics 222

  • Come to class.
  • Read each chapter carefully before it is discussed in class.  Use the Course Calendar to synchronize your reading.
  • Ask questions in class. Come by my office for help.  Never leave questions unresolved.
  • Read each chapter at least three times.  Work homework problems during and between each reading.
  • Keep a detailed Homework Solutions Manual that contains carefully crafted solutions - not scratch work. Bring this with you when you come by my office for help.