Lab1: Digital Multimeters
and Power Supplies

Lab2: Electric Fields

Lab3: Ohm's Law

Lab4: Kirchhoff's Laws

Lab 5:  RC Circuits

Lab 6:  Magnetic Fields

Lab 7  The Oscilloscope

Lab 8:  AC Circuits

Lab 9:  Snell's Law

Lab 10:  Geometric Optics

Physics 222 Laboratory

Laboratory is a very important part of Physics 222. Some of the concepts discussed in this course are rather abstract, and laboratory provides you with the opportunity to gather first-hand experience.  Without such experience, it is difficult to develop a physical intuition for the concepts discussed in class and in your text.


You should read over all lab materials before taking the pre-lab quiz and certainly before attending laboratory.  As you read the procedure and data materials, try to visualize how the measurement will be conducted.

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