Careers in Optics and Photonics

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Physical Optics

Physics 323

On-line homework for this course is available at http://edugen.wiley.com/edugen/class/cls188686/ . You must Self-Register, but please only do this once. Registration requires a Registration Code. You have options:

  1. Purchase a new textbook from the UNCA Bookstore (see syllabus); a Registration Code comes bundled with the textbook. You may be able to purchase a new textbook from another vendor that includes the WileyPlus Registration Code, but inquire carefully before purchasing.
  2. Purchase a used textbook, and purchase a registration code separately.
  3. Purchase a registration code separately and use the digital version of the textbook (included).

Think carefully before deciding to rely on the digital version of the textbook. This is a less expensive option, but most folks find it easier to read from a printed textbook.